September 21, 2023
International Technology

S4Digital Acquires Majority Stake in Bramerz to Empower Global Digital Transformation

Digital Acquires Majority Stake in Bramerz to Empower Global Digital Transformation

S4Digital, a fast-growing Portuguese technology and services company, has announced its latest acquisition with a strategic investment in Bramerz. The majority stake in Bramerz, one of the most well-known digital companies in the region, has been acquired by S4Digital. The acquisition is expected to help Bramerz’s business units, including the Bramerz Digital Marketing Agency, Publishrr news CMS, and e-commerce platform, become leading players in their respective verticals in the global market.

Roger Kool, CEO & Co-Founder, S4Digital, expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition, stating that it would allow the company to build and scale value-added integrations with several business workflows from leading low-code platforms, along with associated management and delivery services. He further added that the acquisition is another fantastic addition to the company’s recent acquisitions, with more mergers and investments to be announced shortly.

Commenting on the acquisition, Badar Khushnood, Co-founder of Bramerz, highlighted the significance of digital transformation in sustainable business growth, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT. Bramerz’s portfolio of products and services is expected to help businesses, especially women entrepreneurs and SMEs, with efficient and creative access to the market. With S4Digital’s global enterprise-grade technology expertise, Bramerz is expected to scale both and to the global audience.

Amir Khan, Co-founder of S4Digital, stated that the acquisition aims to empower entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large enterprises globally with relevant digital technologies, thereby creating opportunities for wider prosperity across the region and its communities. This, in turn, will help Bramerz and become better positioned to compete and prosper on the international stage.

With over 65% of the global population connected to the internet, spending over US $4 trillion on B2C e-commerce and more than US $600 billion on digital advertising, there is an increasing urgency for businesses of all sizes and forms to think ‘digital-first.’ S4Digital’s acquisition of Bramerz is expected to help scale the company in this landscape.

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