September 9, 2023
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Snapchat launches its own chatbot

On Monday, Snapchat launched its own chatbot called “My AI,” which uses OpenAI’s latest version of ChatGPT. My AI is exclusively available to Snapchat+ users who pay $3.99 per month for access to “exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features.”

The chatbot is marketed as a “fun and experimental sidekick” and can chat about users’ days or suggest haikus about their friends.My AI can also recommend birthday presents, help plan weekend trips, and suggest dinner recipes, among other things.

Users can even name the chatbot, and conversations will be saved to review its performance and gather user feedback. Snapchat has advised users not to share sensitive information with the AI chatbot.Snapchat’s My AI is essentially a mobile-friendly version of ChatGPT, with Snap’s employees training it to adhere to the company’s trust and safety guidelines.

This means the chatbot will not give responses that include swearing, violence, sexually explicit content, or opinions about controversial topics like politics. Additionally, My AI has been stripped of some of ChatGPT’s functionality to ensure it complies with Snap’s restrictions.

While My AI is basic to start, Snapchat sees it as a major investment area for the company’s future. It is one of the first clients of OpenAI’s new enterprise tier called Foundry, which allows companies to run the latest GPT-3.5 model with dedicated computing designed for large workloads.

The company plans to keep tuning My AI as more people use it and report inappropriate answers.In the short term, My AI is expected to boost the company’s paid subscriber numbers. Eventually, it could open up new ways for the company to make money, though CEO Evan Spiegel has been tight-lipped about his plans. He has said that Snap will likely incorporate LLMs from other vendors besides OpenAI over time and that it will use the data gathered from the chatbot to inform its broader AI efforts.

Overall, this marks a significant step towards a future where we talk to AI like it’s a person.ChatGPT Feb 13 Version. Free Research Pre

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