March 24, 2023
International Technology

Soon, You Might be Able to Talk to Your Pets

Soon, You Might be Able to Talk to Your Pets

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, scientists are developing technology that can decipher animal languages. This technology named the “Dr Doolittle device,” is an AI tool that can decode animal communication and understand animal languages as a whole. This technology aims to expand human conservation efforts and advance sustainability.

The Earth Species Project (ESP), an organization in California, uses AI to understand and learn the signals and signs that animals use. According to ESP CEO Katie Zacarian, the human race is reaching a point where they can interact with other species.

Over the last few years, researchers have learned more about animal behaviour and emotions, such as the fact that animals can laugh just like humans. However, there is still much to discover about animal body language and emotions.

Suppose Artificial Intelligence allows us to communicate or even understand the language of animals. In that case, we may be able to form a closer bond with our pets and better understand the animal kingdom as a whole. Researchers working in organizations such as ESP are dedicated to compiling information on animal communication to use AI systems to understand animal languages.

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