March 23, 2023
Pakistan Technology

State Bank of Pakistan Directs PTA to Block Live-Streaming Platforms Over Concerns of Immoral Content

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block certain live-streaming platforms due to concerns over immoral content and excessive outflow of US dollars. The SBP recently conducted an assessment of foreign exchange (FX) consumption and found that Pakistani individuals were remitting significant amounts of FX abroad through certain social media platforms.

The SBP observed that live-streaming channels, such as Bigo Live, Mico, StreamKar, and others, were primarily responsible for these outflows. The bank stated that these platforms were being used for creating and sharing immoral content, virtual dating, and gambling through various in-app casino games. The State Bank’s assessment revealed that these live-streaming platforms have remitted a total of $8.93 million over the last two years.

In response to this situation, the SBP has directed the PTA to review the content and activities on these websites, according to relevant social media guidelines and regulatory frameworks. The PTA has been tasked with blocking URLs and social media applications that contain and promote immoral, pornographic, and sexually explicit content and activities.

The main objective behind this directive is to prevent the spread of immoral content and activities and to preserve the country’s precious foreign exchange reserves. By blocking these platforms, the SBP hopes to curtail the outflow of US dollars and prevent the country’s economy from suffering further losses.

It is worth noting that the PTA has previously taken similar steps to regulate online content and activities. The authority has a well-established regulatory framework in place to deal with such situations, and it is expected to act promptly to implement the SBP’s directives.

In short, the SBP has directed the PTA to block certain live-streaming platforms due to concerns over excessive outflows of US dollars and immoral content. The PTA has been asked to review the content and activities on these websites and decide whether they should be blocked to prevent the spread of such content and preserve the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

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