June 6, 2023
Pakistan Technology

SunExpress Granted Permission to Begin Operations in Pakistan

Turkiye’s SunExpress airline has been given the green light to begin operations in Pakistan. The federal cabinet authorized the summary, allowing the new airline to operate on the Pakistan-Turkey route. This decision came after the Turkiye government requested Pakistani authorities to allow SunExpress, an Antalya-based Turkiye-German airline, to operate flights on the route.

It should be noted that two Pakistani airlines, government-owned Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Airblue, already fly the same route. Turkiye Airlines and Pegasus Airlines have also been nominated for operations by Turkiye. Pegasus, Turkiye’s private airline, started operations in Pakistan back in February 2020.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s air transport section has given an official flight notification to Turkiye carrier Pegasus. The airline runs four weekly flights between Karachi and Istanbul. With SunExpress now entering the market, it is expected to increase competition and offer passengers more options when traveling between Pakistan and Turkiye.

The decision to allow SunExpress airline to fly in Pakistan followed Turkiye President Erdogan’s successful visit to Pakistan. This move is expected to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Turkiye, as well as boost tourism and business travel between the two countries.

The addition of SunExpress to the Pakistan-Turkey route is also expected to provide a boost to the aviation industry in Pakistan, which has suffered in recent years due to various factors including security concerns and the COVID-19 pandemic. With the new competition, it is hoped that airlines in Pakistan will be able to improve their services and become more competitive.

The permission granted to SunExpress to begin operations in Pakistan is a positive development for both countries. It is expected to strengthen bilateral relations, boost tourism and business travel, and provide a much-needed boost to the aviation industry in Pakistan. With more competition on the Pakistan-Turkey route, it is hoped that airlines in Pakistan will improve their services and become more competitive in the region.

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