September 4, 2023
Pakistan Weather

Temperature in Summers to Break Previous Records in Karachi

Temperature in Summers to Break Previous Records in Karachi

According to Jawad Memon, a meteorological expert, the people of Karachi should brace themselves for an exceptionally hot summer this year. February temperatures have been rising beyond their usual levels, and Memon predicts that this will lead to even hotter weather in the coming days.

Adding to the concerns, Memon has also warned that the western wind system, expected to affect northern Pakistan on Sunday, may impact Karachi as well. This could lead to a heatwave, which may persist for several days.

The mercury level in the city is expected to reach 32-34 Celsius during the day, starting from Sunday. However, Memon suggests that the sea breeze blowing through the city may provide some respite, with the temperature expected to fall to 18-20 Celsius at night.

Karachi is no stranger to high temperatures, but the situation is becoming increasingly worrisome as the frequency and severity of heatwaves are on the rise. In recent years, Karachi has experienced prolonged summers, often leading to massive heatwaves, which have caused severe health issues and fatalities.

Memon also noted that global warming is exacerbating the problem. Rising temperatures and extreme weather events such as monster monsoons have been causing widespread destruction in the country. Last year, Pakistan was hit by disastrous floods caused by monster monsoons, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The government must take steps to address the issue of global warming and improve the infrastructure of the city to cope with heatwaves. In the meantime, people should take precautions such as staying hydrated, avoiding sun exposure during peak hours, and wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothes to minimize the impact of the heat.

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