September 14, 2023
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Top news stories from 2022, including major layoffs at Big Tech and 5G in India | Tech Bytes year-end

It will soon be the end of the year 2022. One can only hope that 2023 will be less chaotic and crazy than the year 2022, despite the unappealing expectations for economic growth and development as of right now. The IT sector in particular had a turbulent year. The tech sector underwent some of the biggest shifts in its history, from observing the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war to corporations firing staff left, right, and centre.

In order to assist you catch up on everything that has happened thus far and what to expect from the year 2023, we have compiled a list of some of the top tech news stories that have occurred this year as the year draws to a close.

Work from home policy is over, and offices are now open.

Many tech companies ended the work from home flexibility for employees. Major tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon and more made it mandatory to come to offices seeing the receding effect of Coronavirus. Musk informed his Tesla employees that working from home was no longer permissible. He later did the same for Twitter employees leading to mass exit of people from the company.

Massive layoffs at tech firms

In order to sustain their balance sheets and reduce operating expenses, major tech companies including Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, and others announced employment layoffs in response to rising economic inflation and supply and demand mismatches. According to reports, Amazon has let go of about 10,000 workers and indicated more will be let go in 2023. In addition, Meta reduced its workforce by 10%, blaming it on declining revenues and rising expenses. Additionally, Cupertino behemoth Apple has suspended all hiring for positions outside of its research and development until 2023.

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