September 14, 2023
International Technology

Top technological forecasts for 2023

It’s been a wild ride in 2022. None of us, in my opinion, could have foreseen what happened.

The necessity of technology in overcoming our immediate challenges and seizing our long-term potential has remained a constant throughout.

The advancement of technology that underpins human development is speeding up. We now have data everywhere thanks to hyperconnectivity spanning several cloud environments and the edge. Simply said, it’s increasing every day in both quantity and value.

The CIO agenda will likely be dominated by four themes in 2023, in my opinion:

  1. Technology will determine how people work.

The future of work is changing due to the do-anything-from-anywhere economy, and as we design for a hybrid environment, technology will increasingly define the employee experience rather than a physical workspace. This is a chance to develop what suits you, your business, and your culture the best.

  1. Walled gardens will give way to technological ecosystems.

The global technology market is enormous and expanding daily. The good news is that innovation is plentiful to handle the variety of company opportunities. The trade-off is that organisations end up with sprawl and complexity as a result of each additional innovation-related element.

3. AI will experience a turning point.

The potential of AI has been discussed for years. We anticipate an increase in the practical application of AI and machine learning in 2023. The equipment and software are available. We have amassed enormous data sets. Additionally, we’ve made investments in training across practically every sector so that our teams can advance from experiments to actual AI initiatives.

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