September 5, 2023
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Transporter mafia causing chaos for CDA’s Murree shuttle service

Transporter mafia causing chaos for CDA's Murree shuttle service

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) recently inaugurated a shuttle service to Murree, but it has been unable to operate regularly due to a lack of cooperation from the Punjab government, the Murree administration, and local transporters. According to a report from 24NewSHD TV, only two buses were able to make the one-way journey from Islamabad to Murree. The transporters reportedly rebelled and prevented the buses from returning to Barakahu.

The Murree administration attempted to resolve the issue by negotiating with the transporters but was unsuccessful. This rebellion has caused problems for the buses, passengers, and the general public. Despite this, the government has yet to take any action.

The CDA launched the shuttle service with a fare of just Rs. 100 in an effort to make transportation to Murree more affordable for citizens. In contrast, local transporters were charging fares of between Rs. 250 and Rs. 300. Many have praised the CDA’s initiative and called on the Punjab government to help combat the “transporter mafia” and allow the shuttle service to operate smoothly.

The rebellion of the transporters has caused inconvenience and difficulties for those trying to use the shuttle service. It is important that the government, the Murree administration, and the transporters work together to find a solution and ensure the smooth operation of the service.

Without cooperation and support, the CDA’s shuttle service will continue to face challenges and may not be able to serve the needs of the community. It is crucial that all parties involved come together to address the issues and ensure that the service can operate effectively.

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