September 24, 2023
International Technology

Twitter to Sell Inactive Users’ Accounts in Auction


Social media giant, Twitter would soon start selling inactive users’ accounts in auction. Those, who have stayed inactive for a longer, might include dead people’s profiles, might be seen going for bids in the auction. Elon Musk, on his Twitter, revealed the development, which could result in boosted revenues for Twitter. As per his Tweet, his new business would soon start freeing up 1.5 Billion usernames.

As per a report in New York Times, company’s engineers are planning to organize online auctions where people can bid as per their choice for usernames or Twitter handle. It added, “The company has discussed selling some user names through online auctions, people with knowledge of the plans said,”

It is clear that those accounts, who have not been active for a few years, won’t be affected. As per Musk, only obvious accounts with no log ins for years, and no tweets, would be auctioned. It is still unclear that how much revenue will Twitter generate per username selling via a bid.

It is pertinent to mention that after Musk’s take over on Twitter, he announced the increased subscription fee for verified accounts, as Twitter would now cost $8 per month. The $3 jump from $5 shows an increase of 60% in the price.

Apart from the price increase, Twitter would also offer many perks to such profiles such as fewer ads, ability to post longer audios and videos, and many more.

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