September 19, 2023
Pakistan Technology

Ufone Takes Down Internet Services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Reason Unknown

Today, internet services abruptly stopped working for approximately two hours in Islamabad around the G-11 sector. Both home broadband internet services and mobile data were affected by this outage.

The disruption began at around 10 AM and lasted until approximately 11:45 AM. Multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and mobile networks were down during this time, including Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and others. Jazz users even received a notification from the company informing them about the outage.

According to Ufone, internet services were taken down as per instructions from the Government of Pakistan (GOP) and will remain suspended in some areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi until further notice. The closure area for Ufone included Rawat/GT road interchange until F-8 Markaz at 11 AM.

It remains unclear what areas in Rawalpindi were affected, but multiple ProPakistani employees confirmed that their internet services stopped working for a while in G-9, G-11, E-11, and some other areas. However, areas further away from sector G-11 remained unaffected, including suburban areas.

Internet speeds remained slow for many even after services recovered at around 11:45 PM. It is worth mentioning that this outage may have been related to the court hearing of former PM Imran Khan at the Judicial Complex in G-11, but there is no confirmation on the matter yet.

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