March 30, 2023
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US willing to help Pakistan with funds to improve its border security: FM Bilawal

ISLAMABAD: The United States is willing to aid Pakistan with budgets to strengthen its border safety to evade cross-border confrontations with Afghanistan.

The US is prepared to assist Pakistan financially to enhance border protection to bypass cross-border conflicts, FM Bilawal Claimed. FM while replying to the queries noted when he stayed at the US congress the previous week, two of the senior senators, Bob Menendez from New Jersey and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina said they were given “funding in the 2023 budget to help us with border security”.

While accentuating the two senators’ high statuses, Mr Bhutto-Zardari expressed that Senator Menendez chairs the Senate council on Foreign Relations and that Senator Graham, a senior republican, chairs the Senate Committee on tribunal. Mr Bhutto-Zardari noted in reaction to a question heeding the US pledge of subsidy to bolster relations with India: “They never brought up India other than in public statements. Last week, when the foreign minister visited the UN headquarters in New York City, there was a verbal conflict between India and Pakistan over the occupation of Kashmir and other issues. Pakistan is “the hub of terrorism,” according to Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, and “hosted Osama bin Laden.”

Against December 19, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that terrorist institutions with headquarters in Afghanistan, such as the prohibited Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, have newly increased invasions on Pakistani preys and proposed a subsidy to Islamabad to get along with the “increasingly dangerous threat.”

“We have partnered with our Pakistani friends to help them take on this challenge. We stand ready to assist, whether with this unfolding situation or more broadly,” Mr. Price commented.

In reaction to a proposal for comment on these contentions, Mr Price underscored “the indispensability of maintaining valuable partnerships” with India and Pakistan. “The fact that we have partnerships with both countries leaves us not wanting to see a war of words between India and Pakistan,” he asserted.

“We would like to see constructive dialogue between them. The United States stands ready to assist as a partner to both.”

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