March 24, 2023
International Technology

WhatsApp to Allow Scheduling of Group Calls

WhatsApp is following the lead of rival apps by gradually introducing features that were once exclusive to other messaging platforms. In recent times, WhatsApp has incorporated several features inspired by Telegram, and now it is taking a cue from Google Meet.

One of the features that WhatsApp will soon roll out is the ability to schedule calls in group chats. This feature was first spotted a few weeks ago on the WhatsApp beta for Android, and it has now started appearing on WhatsApp beta for iOS version on the TestFlight app.

According to WABetaInfo, this new feature will introduce a context menu that provides a scheduling option. This will allow users to select a time for the group call and name it. Once the call is scheduled, all members of the group will receive a notification, making it easy for them to join the call promptly. It is worth noting that the group call scheduling feature works with both audio and video calls, depending on which call button is used to open the context menu.

The introduction of this feature is likely to make planning meetings and events easier for group members. It ensures that everyone is aware of the scheduled time, allowing them to prepare accordingly without the need for additional reminders. Additionally, it can help reduce the likelihood of missed or delayed calls. As the feature is currently under beta testing, it is expected to be available on the stable version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS soon.

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