March 27, 2023
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WhatsApp to Bring New Emojis in Latest Update

WhatsApp is set to address a longstanding issue with a new update that brings 21 new emojis to the chat messenger. In December 2022, WhatsApp introduced a range of new emojis that were inaccessible through the app’s official keyboard. These emojis could only be accessed through an alternate keyboard, leading to frustration for users who were unable to see or send them.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android (, available on the Google Play Store, includes the 21 new emojis on the official keyboard. The new update aims to make these emojis accessible to everyone without requiring a separate app. This news was first reported by WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp feature tracker blog.

Once this update rolls out, users will no longer have to worry about not being able to see or send the new emojis. This should also address any confusion among users who may have received these emojis but were unable to send them until now. While some users have been able to see the new emojis on the official WhatsApp keyboard, even on older app versions, it is recommended to keep your app updated to the latest version to ensure access to the feature.

Although the new emojis are still in beta, it is expected that they will be available for everyone globally soon. The update is a minor one, so it should not be long before the new emojis are accessible to all users. WhatsApp’s latest update will bring some much-needed relief to users who have been waiting to use the new emojis since December.

The addition of new emojis is an essential part of keeping messaging apps relevant and engaging for users. Emojis are a crucial aspect of communication for many users, and WhatsApp’s move to add more emojis to its platform shows its commitment to meeting the needs of its users. With this latest update, WhatsApp is sure to delight its user base by making the new emojis accessible to all.

WhatsApp is set to address the issue of inaccessible new emojis with a new update that includes 21 new emojis on the app’s official keyboard. This move will make these emojis accessible to all users, bringing much-needed relief to those who have been waiting since December. Although the update is still in beta, it is expected to roll out soon, and users are recommended to keep their app updated to access the feature. WhatsApp’s commitment to adding new emojis to its platform is a positive move that is sure to delight its users.

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