March 30, 2023
Pakistan Technology

When can we expect 5G in Pakistan?

5g in Pakistan.

In the modern-day world, where 5G is available throughout the world, some underdeveloped countries like Pakistan still anticipate cherishing its delights. Such countries are still bounded to 3G or 4G.

The happy news is that the Minister of Information Technology and Telecom, Syed Amin ul Haque has announced to launch 5G services in Pakistan in July. The users would be able to access the services this year as the minister disclosed the development while addressing the candidates in Career Feast 2022.

It is yet to see if Pakistan’s IT will be able to stick to its commitment since last year, the announcement was made to launch 5G in Pakistan in December 2022. However, no such technology was introduced to the citizens. July 2023 is the new schedule to roll out this technology.

Notably, Syed emphasized developing a solid connection between IT industries and universities as it will assess to cater for the future needs of the country. The Minister added that, “We are making efforts to ensure accessibility of technology to people in every nook and hook of the country,”

A study by Analytics Mason commissioned by Ericsson has found that implementing 5G technology in emerging markets, including Pakistan, could have significant economic, environmental, and consumer benefits.

The study analyzed the potential impact of deploying 5G spectrum for advanced mobile broadband and fixed wireless access across various sectors, including industry, rural areas, logistics, public services, and consumer groups.

Pakistan is actively working to roll out 5G technology in the country, with the federal minister for IT and telecommunications stating that it will be implemented before elections in the coming year.

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