September 26, 2023
International Technology

YouTube introduces multi-language audio tracks for creators

YouTube has unveiled a new feature that enables creators to dub their videos in multiple languages. The video-sharing platform has been testing the feature for the past year with a select group of content creators, including Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast.

Multi-language audio tracks will allow viewers to watch videos dubbed in their primary language, opening up access to content that they might not have seen otherwise. YouTube reports that creators who tested the feature saw over 15% of their watch time coming from views in the video’s non-primary language, and viewers watched over two million hours of dubbed video daily in the last month alone.

Currently, over 3,500 multi-language videos are available in more than 40 languages. Creators can add different audio tracks using the “Subtitles Editor” tool when uploading a video to their channel. Additionally, the company stated that existing content in creators’ catalogues can also be updated with additional audio tracks. Viewers can access the available audio tracks by clicking the video’s settings.

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